Many people have come and gone in our lives. We lay still in the low light of a love found; talking, giggling, binding conceptions of a sophisticated brilliance. Each touch and every moment of our love so pure and inviting. We hide beneath a veil of sweet lust and fracture; illuminating our souls. Why is every move we make dramatic? Why are we avoiding the sentiments and beauty of this essential bonding?

Alone At Last - Watercolor by Artist Brenden Sanborn
Alone At Last – Watercolor by Artist Brenden Sanborn

While flawless and kind are your eyes that study our organic intent. The rules do not apply in this dim light of our love’s beginnings. By the time morning comes we are in a bliss of love’s intentional information overload. Our beauty exemplified and our spirits have been taken to a higher elevation.

The silhouette of two men sitting by a fireplace brings joy and a tingle of raw affection into light. They are alone at last.


  • Marc

    Hi Brendan

    You’ve got a really wonderful touch with color and light. Some of your pieces just radiate life… almost like it would be nice to enter that world.

    I know this one is not really in your usual style… but I especially liked it. It reminded me of mornings you wake up with someone and you know you’re going to stay camped out in bed and go only as far as the kitchen for fruit and coffee.


    • Brenden Sanborn (author)


      Thank you for your comments! 🙂 Your thoughts about my work really resonate with me. I know that my website houses a lot of half-naked men, but Alone at Last and Love Heat Generated are my favorite pieces.

      I took a moment and checked out your website! Fantastic! I especially like the piece about Facebook. Made me smile. 🙂

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