I often get asked if I do art commissions. The answer is a qualified yes. I learned a long time ago that it has to be something that interests me. Otherwise I won’t enjoy doing it, and it will show in my work. Also, I don’t usually accept portrait-style art commissions unless there is some interesting twist to it. The best art commissions, both from my enjoying the creation process and the client enjoying the results, have been concept pieces where the client had a theme or an idea and commissioned me to realize it.

Here is how the process works:

  • We both sign a Art Commission Sales Agreement outlining mutually-agreed-upon terms such as cost, materials, and a schedule, and you pay me a 20% refundable deposit to get started on a preliminary sketch.
  • After finishing the sketch, I submit it to you for your approval. Next you will request changes for me to make and resubmit to you for review. Anytime during this sketch and review process, either of us can decide to walk away and your deposit is returned to you in full. But once you approve the sketch, your deposit becomes non-refundable and I get started on the actual work.
  • Upon completion of the commissioned work, and my receipt of the balance owed, your original will be insured and shipped to you.

So if you like my style but would rather have something a little more personal, and you are willing to grant me artistic license, then by all means contact me to get the ball rolling.