Something can be said about sketching 38,000 feet above the earth. It’s peaceful, calming and regenerating.  If of course you can block out the constant sound of the jets and the occasional screaming baby; sketching while this high up is a treat. The lack of constant emails flooding in from my “other job” and having to respond to them is a nice change of pace.

Little did I realize I needed this disconnect from the world of technology and my daily work.  I live in day in and day out pumping out designs for others and haven’t done any personal sketching in some time. That’s going to change on my little holiday.

So, the sketchbook is out, pen is ready… then the sometimes dreaded, “Um, pardon me… Are you an artist?”. Here we go…

I can’t say that the nagging over the shoulder looker is productive for my relaxing and sketching but it’s sweet and flattering. I’ve already heard, “Oh, wow, you’re an artist.” and “That’s really good!” enough so that I am ready to pack it all in and call it nap time.

15 minutes later: Still sketching.

I managed to draw some interesting abstracts listening to the hum of the plane. I think the idea popped in my head while searching for a book(s) to bring with me on this much needed vacation. I randomly opened a book I bought ages ago to see if it would be of interest to tag along on the trip and happened to read a paragraph talking about a painting exercise that involved music. Of course it referred to Classical or Pop, not the steady racket of intensely running engines. Nevertheless, I did what I could from what I had… So, I did some “music” sketching by the ever present sound of the jet engines. I suggest all your artists do the same. Aren’t we talented at that? Doing lots without little?

I end this post with some friendly advice… Never leave home without your sketchbook and always be prepared for the barrage of comments from onlookers. After all, it’s great marketing to talk to someone about your painting!

Warning: Headphones don’t stop people from interrupting you. 🙂

Until next time….

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