I occasionally reference the word ‘divine’ in my blog posts, I do so not in order to replace any existing religious practice, but to draw attention to the fact that in essence there is and always has been one spiritual teaching of the divine, although it comes in many forms. I can only speak from my own personal journey from deep within and how I have learned to tap into Being or having Presence

Creative mediation offers deep personal renewal and a joyful sense of self-esteem. It promotes recognition of our human connection to the Universe and the divine life force that is our essence. Creative meditation is a process of freeing the flow of creativity in individuals as well as society.

"Flower Bud", 4x4" watercolor on 140# coldpress paper
“Flower Bud”, 4×4″ watercolor on 140# coldpress paper

This is an expressive spiritual practice based on the belief that creativity is a sacred Universal energy, a manifestation of the divine. While the human concept of God has taken many forms, one aspect of divinity connects creeds and practices around the world; that God as supreme creator. In this regard it is natural to recognize that we are most divinely inspired when we exercise our creative impulses and display our passionate emotions, for those are the earthly energies that stimulate transformation, manifest self-expression, and create global change.

"Lighthouse", watercolor on 140# coldpress paper
“Lighthouse”, watercolor on 140# coldpress paper

Creativity is a combination of making something happen and letting something happen, so creative meditation has two stages, one quiet and still, the other spontaneously active and dynamic. Creative mediation is not product orientated; I use it as a painter to free myself from the preoccupation with the final outcome. The result of this freedom is a more rewarding and self-affirming creative experience. Over the years using this process, I’ve developed drawing and painting skills and techniques all the while relaxing and releasing the body’s energy, allowing it to flow.

Don't limit yourself, let the creativity flow without boundaries or rules.
Don’t limit yourself, let the creativity flow without boundaries or rules.

Just as I spoke about in my last blog post, I began to see beyond the surface of things and explore there true presence. In this way, creative mediation is a prayerful integration of play, self-discovery, community building, and aesthetic spirituality.

“Creativity is a different quality of spiritual life than humility and asceticism; it is the revelation of the god-like nature of humanity.” – Nicholas Berdyaev

  • Doug Brannon

    Well said . . Bren, you have a way of expressing yourself with words, just as well as with a brush. Very insightful 🙂

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