Do you want to help a family in need? I am hosting a fundraising auction of selected paintings (see below) in my collection to raise money for my lifelong dear friend, Laurie, and her wonderful son, Brycen, who I am honored to call my nephew. If you are the highest bidder on one of my paintings, your money will go to help save a family from the brink of losing their home and car!

I met Laurie when we were both 11 years old, when she moved in from another town. From the start we bonded, and the silly adventures we had throughout our youth could fill volumes! Both of us had rough childhoods and leaned on one another for support. Laurie was one of the most empathic, compassionate, creative and intelligent people I knew, but she was often the target of bullying and shunning. She is on the Autism Spectrum and has significant sensory integration problems that affect her daily functioning and her social skills.

She also struggled with life-threatening health problems and had several surgeries over the years for an atypical form of Crohn’s Disease and other issues. Despite all of these challenges, she put herself through grad school, became a mental health counselor for abused and neglected children, she authored a book and started a business, all on her own. Most importantly, she adopted Brycen when he was 11 years old, a child who is also on the Autism Spectrum and who had a severe abuse history. Brycen was in the foster care system and lived in a total of 10 different homes and facilities. Laurie is the most loving and involved mother! I have watched her help Brycen heal in ways that most people didn’t think was possible. She homeschooled Brycen, and he is building a career as a musician and artist. He loves to invent Dungeons and Dragons “table-top” game modules.

Both Laurie and Brycen have been experiencing severe financial struggles in the past two years due to medical issues and both of them losing hours at work. Laurie’s hours were cut when the company she worked for merged twice in a short period of time. She also had a relapse of Crohn’s and incurred huge medical bills for emergency surgery. Laurie’s social skills and sensory challenges have made it difficult for her to build her business and she has been working hard to increase her hours at work. Brycen has had medical issues this summer relating to his past history of abuse and he lost hours at work this summer.

Laurie recently became involved with Voc Rehab, which will help her with services for her social and sensory challenges. However, the family does not qualify for any other community or federal services. They have been denied town assistance, food stamps and the services of local charities because their income is considered just above the poverty line. They do not have any other family members who can assist them. Although Laurie’s hours have just increased, the family are several months behind on bills to the point where they cannot catch up, and they are being threatened with shut off notices and losing their apartment and car. Please help me help Laurie and Brycen get back on their feet again!


Brenden Sanborn

Each Painting has a starting bid of $100 and will go to a max of $400. Both paintings are signed by the artist and dated and come with FREE shipping to anywhere in the world. 

To bid please leave your bid amount in the comments section below.

"Words with Speaking" 5x7" watercolor on 140# coldpress - signed, dated, matted and framed
“Words with Speaking” 5×7″ watercolor on 140# coldpress – signed, dated, matted and framed
"Elephant" 5x7" watercolor on 140# coldpress - signed, dated, matted and framed
“Elephant” 5×7″ watercolor on 140# coldpress – signed, dated, matted and framed

  • Reid Koeser

    Brenden, I’d like to bid $200.00 for “Elephant” Thanks Skip

    • Brenden (author)


      Thank you SOOO much! This will be such a great boost to her getting back on her feet…. XOXOXOX

  • Chad Cornwell

    Ill take “words” for $200. The gauntlet has been thrown, bid up people!

    • Brenden (author)

      WOW.. I am so thankful. 🙂 I know this is a hard time for everyone and I truly appreciate you making a bid on my work! 🙂 Laurie, will greatly benefit from this. 🙂

  • Ed

    $250.00 for “Words” please.

  • Steven Hennessee

    How about $400 for “Words”?

    • Brenden (author)

      That would be AMAZING!!! WOW! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂 It’s yours! 🙂

  • Brian Finstad

    $250 for elephant

    • Brenden (author)

      Thank you Brian! So far you the highest bidder. I’ll let you know by the end of the day if you are the winner. 🙂

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