Two men sharing same fellow feelings are seen in this painting with subtle expressions in their faces and eternal satisfaction in their colorful world.  The painting tells its own story. Their love is painted through their comforts, their touch and their emotions. Both of them are tired of the chaotic days. There is affection, there is passion, there is respect, there is love which is pure. Their peaceful sleep will remind you that the hand of the loved ones is the safest hand for any man.

Love has no boundaries with varied horizons and colors which is portrayed here through the minute details. It’s my hope that when you see the imagery in this painting you will be smitten by the grace and enthusiasm ventured to explore the inner feelings and loves of the common, but extraordinary people.  Love cannot be defined by words and it is better to express the meaning of colorful love by using vibrant colors. Colors represent life in varied ways and this work expresses life through the lens of found LOVE. I am sure you will realize the strength of love and feel that, “yes, they have found their love.”

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