There’s a magic that happens when artists congregate and celebrate their talents. It’s a creative collaboration that brings the community together and evokes conversation and passion within the human spirit. Yesterday evening there was some sparkle in Kennebunk, Maine at The Hive grand re-opening as it celebrated 25 artists from the local community.

The newly transformed space was divine and adorned a collection of artists that ranged from the abstract to the realist from pottery to fabric artist. The show, wonderfully titled ‘index’ was a visually treat for all the senses and people came from all over to hear live music and enjoy some delicious food made from local vendors.

Laura Savard is the creative director and “visionary” behind this amazing space. Her compassionate and creative spirit radiated as she weaved herself through the sea of people all of which congratulated her on creating such a divine space.

I have two paintings on display. The first is titled, “History on the Water” and it’s an oil on canvas, 12×36″ with a 1/2′ wood frame. The second is titled, “Forgotten Treasure” and it’s an oil on canvas, 12×36″ with a 1/2″ wood frame. I created each work in honor of the true and sometimes forgotten treasures of Maine. History on the Water tells a story of a boats journey on the water and all the stories each chip of paint and crack can tell. Forgotten Treasure tells a story about a long lost boat who’s journey has seemingly come to an end and has been forgotten.

The Hive’s celebration continues today with live music and food all day long. There’s also a huge line-up of musicians, theater, movies and art shows for the summer and beyond.

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