My process of drawing and painting require mental and spiritual preparation. It’s taken me years to prove that to myself, but I hope to pass along some of what I’ve learned for working creatively and lead you to the unfolding of your potential.  It’s taken years to heal old wounds, especially the wounds of self-belittling and negative self-image, the patterns that are obstacles to letting go and letting be, to play and discovery.  

Zen, Watercolor on 140# Coldpress Paper, 5×7″

Creative mediation is the base of all my painting sessions. The process begins with meditation on my divine core; the creative source and it digs deep into my ancestral, personal, social, and universal orbits preparing myself for the revelations of creativity through mediative reverence. The reverence is never abstract, but always enacted by creating a sacred space where awe and delight can safely live. I can’t emphasize enough that  drawing and painting need our wholeness, body and soul—not perfect, but authentic. Real. Who we are.

This type of seeing is an intentional personal engagement. It is an act of spiritual intimacy, a more profound interaction with the world that most of us have ever known. Learning to see and to know communion with creatures, things, and other people can liberate us from the imprisonment of alienation on a personal and global level. When we see ourselves as separate creatures fighting for survival, we  devour animals, trees, water, even space without concern or awareness of our effect. The experience of drawing meditation suddenly awakens the eye and the mind to our sacred vitality of the Earth and our connection to all its life forms. This is truly transformative and sacred experience and I welcome you to my journey.

Seeing with the reverential eye, the painter’s eye, can guide our planet into an innovative and compassionate future. Sharing this process with others leads to trust and is what is needed to make the world community a primary support for the creativity of all people. It matters not where you are in the world or your ethnic background, this process celebrates the diversity of all traditions and cultures.

From my own experience of painting, I know how color can bring one to a magical moment of transcendence. And ordinary consciousness dissolves into a new becoming. We receive this gift through our senses; the energy of the brush stroke, the flow of the paint, the sound of the surface. The power in the small and the concrete makes visible the spirit.

It’s time we shed old lies and terrors and masks. Let us connect to the cosmic creative flow. Everyone is creative. Everyone is light. Free yourself from the illusion of control and ground yourself in the certainty of imagination and follow the emerging dance.

Seed, Oil on Canvas 4x4"
Seed, Oil on Canvas 4×4″
  • Doug Brannon

    WOW, Bren . . so well stated. I know this is a statement that is so personal to your own experiences, but it is also so applicable to many others, including myself, in many ways. You have a way with words to express a point, just as strong as you convey those thoughts and emotions with a brush.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • admin (author)

      Your words mean a lot to me. I am so happy that you connect with my journey and that I am not “alone”… It’s my hope that everyone believes they are creative and the fear and illusion of talent fades…

  • Laurie A. Couture

    Bren, Thank you for this wonderful reminder- What a beautiful testimony to spiritual creativity! Drawing and painting should be a meditation in themselves- by doing so, we are loving our subject and loving all of the beauty and life around us! Thank you for writing this post!

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