Male with exposed chest leaning up against a wall. Watercolor on 140# cold press. © Brenden Sanborn
Nude Male showing Butt, watercolor on 140# cold press paper. © Brenden Sanborn
"An Unexpected Visitor" Watercolor on 140# cold press, 5x7" 2013 <a href="">Buy Now</a>

My artwork is not sexual, rather intimate and comforting. It conveys the pleasure of being alone naked by ourselves. Nudity for me is that intimate moment where there is nothing to hide when we are alone with our own vulnerability.

Fascinated for years of classical art and illustration studies I play easily and comfortably with the male form in a variety of techniques: oil, watercolor, ink and charcoal. I “speak” every technique like a different language the laws of light and shadow with a contemporary reminiscence of the old masters.

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