Ever since the first time I had seen the artwork created by Brenden, I have been in awe of not only his talent and aesthetic, but also his way of telling a story that touches your heart, mind and soul with his art. He is able to blend media and colors flawlessly onto a canvas. As a proud owner of several of his works, I can say that his art brings a whole new element into my life. Brenden has inspired me to look at the world around me with sense of inspiration that enhances my appreciation of shapes and colors in nature. His art is the quintessential blend of human essence and beauty of all that we see. I am constantly intrigued and pulled into each new piece of art that he creates. The depth and feeling of each piece is palpable with just a glance. His works become a window into his soul and his love of being an artist is evident. I cannot begin to explain the joy each of the pieces I own brings into my life. Brenden, thank you for teaching me how to appreciate another’s artistic creation more than I ever had before.

Maureen Campbell

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