Art is expression. What we see in art is different for everyone. I want you to express your feelings about this piece of my art by giving it a title and a short paragraph. Tell me what the painting means to you. How does it make you feel? What do you see? Feel free to take your time to really think about what you want say or if spontaneous expression is your thing then go for it!

Contest-1I just ask that you follow some simple rules:

  • Please give the painting a title and a short paragraph on what you see and feel from this painting
  • Make sure you share your expression to your Facebook wall so others can join in and you can get LIKES
  • Feel free to enter more than once!
  • Please be respectful and considerate of others when posting your entry
  • All entries must be posted below on my website 

One lucky winner will get this original painting shipped to them. The contest is open for entries from all countries until October 31, 2013.

Here’s how it will work:

  • People will read your title and entry and it’s your job to get people to LIKE your comment.
  • The top three people to get the most “LIKES” next to their comment will move on to the final round.
  • Once the top three are chosen, the three comments will be posted to my Facebook page where there will be one final vote and that person will win the original!
  • A minimum of 25 people must enter in order for the contest to move on to the final round.

Most importantly HAVE FUN! 

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